Ravnø Dynatec – from World leading textile manufacturers

Dynatec – from industry pioneers

Ravnø is made in Europe. We have chosen the world’s best technical textiles, manufactured by Schöeller Elite Textiles in Switzerland. Schöeller is a founder of the Bluesign™ system, recognised as the world leading standard for environmentally friendly production of textiles. We do not use PFC or UV enhancers. We have chosen YKK zips from Germany, velcro, buttons and thread from Sweden all produced at the Gore Gold Standard plant in Poland owned by Tekosöm Sverige AB. This is why we are confident in giving you a 10 year warranty that the garment will not fail due to manufacturing issues.

Working together with the industry leaders

It’s impossible to make great clothes without good textiles. We wanted to cooperate with a European manufacturer in order to minimise our ecological footprint. We also wanted to find materials that would outperform everything that we had tested earlier. Simply put, we wanted the best of the best, and we found this at Schöeller Elite Textiles in Switzerland.  The company has been active since 1886 and is one of the giants within the development of technical textiles, and they themselves have set the standard for environmentally friendly textile manufacturing.

Learn more about innovations developed by Schöeller Elite Textiles here.

Ravnø Dynatec – Extreme durability while still retaining wearer comfort

Some of the keywords describing Ravnø Dynatec are: Durability, windblock, water repellent, self cleaning and breathable. The material feels very comfortable to the wearer. Dynatec has been developed by Schöeller and is quite simply an impressive material. All Ravnø Dynatec Pro Jackets and Ranvø Dynatec Cargo Pants use this technical material.

Motorcycle clothing

Dynatec was originally developed for police motorcycles as well as for manufacturers of motorcycle clothing. The garments were designed to withstand great stress. In addition to this they were required to be wind and water repellent. Ravnø Dynatec is a 3 ply membrane, comprising of Dynatec as well as c_change® and Nanosphere® technologies.

Dynatec – extreme durability

Dynatec is made to withstand a large amount of stress. The material is also comfortable to wear and feels soft to the touch unlike many other membrane technologies. It is perfectly possible to wear Ravnø’s Dynatec Guide Pants directly against your skin without feeling any clammy or moist sensation. This means that you get fully functional rain trousers that feel just as comfortable as cotton trousers. Dynatec is made of a high tensile polyamide.

Fully functional rain trousers that feel just as comfortable as cotton trousers

c_change® – breathable, wind and water repellent

c_change® enables the material to breath as the polymer structure of the membrane adapts to ambient conditions. The membrane removes excess heat and moisture in hot conditions. In the cold or during lower activity the membrane remains closed thus effectively retaining heat close to the body. The membrane is both wind and water repellent. c_change® has been tested under extreme conditions out in the field.

See how C-Change works:

NanoSphere® – dry and clean

NanoSphere© is a material coating which makes the material hydrophobic. The material becomes water repellent. You could compare the effect to fish scales in which small nanostructures protrude from the material forming a fine structure. Water and dirt particles remain on the peaks of these structures diminishing the contact area and making it easier to clean your garment. This is technology developed by Schoeller after observing the self-cleaning effect in nature.

See the technology behind Nanosphere:

Disappointed with the membrane you use today? Try Dynatec!




Why choose Ravnø?




Modern patterns, durability, windblock, water repellent and breathable material.




We make sure that you have a Ravnø product that you can rely on for many years to come.




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