Inspired by natures’ own camouflage

«If green was the optimal camouflage – then all game would be green»

We’re challenging hunters to change their thinking. Green is not necessarily the best camouflage. Ravnøs’ unique camouflage patterns and colour combinations have been developed in collaboration with researchers and evolutionary biologists. We wanted to learn more about the way game perceive their surroundings and learnt a great deal from recent research within this field. We have learnt about the pros and cons of UV light and how certain game use this to their advantage. We have learnt about the «fight or flight» instinct and why this is important for the survival of all animals and the evolutionary development of camouflage. A professor in visual biology hit the nail on the head when he said: «If green is the optimal camouflage for mammalian prey and predators, then all of them would be green». They are quite obviously not.

We’re challenging you to think differently. Green is not the optimal camouflage.

Camouflage from the predators

In collaboration with award-winning Mint Design in Oslo, Norway we have developed Ravnø Shadow and Ravnø Lupus – inspired by the Scandinavian Lynx and Wolf living freely in the Nordic wilderness. Nature itself has designed these predators, and their camouflage has been optimised through thousands of years of years of evoloution.

Camouflage based on what animals see and not what can be perceived by the human eye

Camouflage has largely been based on military colours and tradition during the last 70 to 80 years. Soldiers wearing camouflage to hide from other soldiers. Ravnø has developed its camouflage based solely on what wild animals perceive in their surroundings and not what the human eye can see. Research has revealed that game, in particular deer, can see a much larger spectrum of green than the human eye. In addition to this they are capable of perceiving UV light.

Game can see UV treated clothes

It has been proven that wild reindeer are dependent on UV light to find food during the dark winter months. The lichen on which the reindeer survive emits UV light. This is invisible to the human eye, but is the difference between life and death for the reindeer. This is why you should never use UV treated garments when hunting. Ravnø does not UV treat its clothes as we don’t feel like being “light bulbs in the dark.”

Fractal patterns – not organic patterns

Good camouflage for most mammals is made up of shadow replication. Shadows are constant throughout the seasons of the year. Safe in this knowledge, we developed micro and macro camouflage using fractal mathematical patterns. The straight lines counteract the Pareidolia phenomenon, where the brain interprets and responds to stimulus by perceiving an organic  pattern that does not exist. Straight lines do not exist in nature and are therefore more difficult for game and predators to percieve. Fractal patterns also have the added advantage of remaining fragmented at both short and long distance and not merging into one visible solid block

For hunters who do not want to look like soldiers

We have made camouflaged clothes for hunters who don’t want to look like soldiers. Camouflaging comes from a military tradition, and we have tried to modernise this way of thinking through Ravnø’s patented designs. We would like to develop contemporary designs which can be used on the slalom slopes or on mountain hikes during the hunter’s off-season.

Bringing you the best technical textiles in the world

Ravnø is made in Europe. We have chosen the best technical textiles in the world, manufactured by Schöeller Elite Textiles in Switzerland. Schöeller is a founder of the Bluesign™ system, recognised as the world leading standard for environmentally friendly production of textiles. We do not use PFC or UV enhancers. We have chosen YKK zips from Germany, velcro, buttons and thread from Sweden all produced at the Gore Gold Standard plant in Poland owned by Tekosöm Sverige AB. This is why we are confidant in giving you a 10 year warranty that the garment will not fail due to manufacturing issues.

Read more about Ravnø Dynatec and technical details about the clothing.

Design inspired by Wolves and Lynxs

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Modern patterns, durability, windblock, water repellent and breathable material.




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