Ravnø Pro Altitude Jacket | Shadow


Design inspired by the Lynx’s natural camouflage

Ravnø Dynatec™ Pro Altitude garments are abrassion resistant with three layer membranes, water resistant and windproof. Elastic and comfortable, the material also has Schöeller Elite Textile™ technology two-way stretch.

The Pro Altitude series use Schöeller Elite Textiles C-Change™ membrane – a body climate regulating membrane and Nano-Sphere™ technology finish. The outer laminate of Dyantec™ material has its DNA from the motorcycle garment industry.

Ravnø Dynatec™ – Extreme durability, windblock and water repellant 3 ply membrane provides you with effective protection from the elements of nature. Silent and comfortable material giving you the best possible hunting experience.

Lightweight at. 1050g/37 oz in size L. 10 year Ravnø warranty. Water resistant to 20 000mm.

Price: Approx. 778 US.Dollars.

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Ravnø Pro Altitude Jacket | Shadow

The Ravnø Dynatec Shadow Pro Altitude Jacket® – three layer rustle free membrane shell jacket offers you protection from the worst possible weather conditions when hunting. The jacket is designed with internal pockets for short wave CB-radios and hand held GPS navigation devices. Both chest pockets left and right side have antenna hole for full length whip antenna. On the inside of the jacket there is a pass-through latex rubber valve so that you can have the wire from your CB-radio ear plug on the inside of your jacket.

Water resistance is 20 000 mm.

Lightweight at. 1050g/37 oz in size L.

Full length ventilation zippers under both arms and stretched down the side of the jacket provides ample ventilation options when working up perspiration.  Hidden elastic tightening options at the base, waist, neck and in the hood of the jacket, means that you can keep the weather out. Wrist tightening option with a wide girth velcro patch, which remains stable and will not peel as some latex wrist tighteners do.The long length of the back of the garment comes from years of experience in the sub arctic and arctic climates of Norway, where water run-off from the jacket is passed down to below your thighs, preventing water from “climbing” up your pants both front and back.

All zippers are YKK Vislon 8, the membrane is a Schöeller Elite Textiles C-Change® membrane with NanoSphere® treatment and Dynatec® face fabric, the foremost technologies developed in Switzerland by Schöeller Elite Textiles. This garment should be washed at 40 degrees without artificial detergents, only natural soap. Iron the garment at Iron mark 2 to re-envigorate the fabric and membrane.

Ravnø Dynatec Shadow Pro Altitude Jacket® is a 100% European product designed i Norway, manufactured in Poland with textiles from Switzerland and details from Germany and Sweden.